Revenge Of A Mutilated Wife

I Bled,
Beneath my shredded hairs.
Into my abraded cheeks.
From within my burst chords.
And Died,
Along with his unsaid unborn.

©Disha Sahoo



Turning up early to the college that morning, I was amused with the quietude that swept the building.

Entering the corridor, infront lay a partially wet floor and our old cleaner mopping the muddy shoe stains, ignorant of my arrival.

I took out my sneakers, held it in my hand and tip-toed along the edges to the other end. Looking behind , I found my wet foot prints neatly etched on the tiled floor. 

As the cleaner looked up at me,I mummbled a faint , ” Didn’t quite help, I know! ” , with guilt.

Staring at my leftouts, from under the shade of his grey moustache, He smiled. 
It did.

Disha Sahoo


“You shave me off completely just because he said? Enough! I am breaking up with you. ” , said the angry Beard to the helpless Razor.

Meanwhile, a charming Trimmer eagerly waited for his turn. 😉

Disha Sahoo